55 minutes on the Hudson… Full stomach… WORST RUN EVER!!!



Today’s run sucked…

Never run on an full stomach when you’re pregnant.  I ran at 4 pm after eating lunch (which I never do) and i seriously felt like I was going to puke until about 40 minutes into my run.  It was the WORST.  My leg felt like it was going to cramp up for the rest of my life and then I had two minutes to take a shower and hop on the subway to go get Zoey from school.  I almost collapsed when we got home but ended up feeling much better an hour later…

I will never do that again…

The funny thing about a bad run is that even when it’s really bad it ends up being good later on.  Around 8 pm I was feeling really relaxed and in the mood for a burger.  And that’s exactly what we ordered (while watching “Orange is the New Black” of course).

This is my favorite burger spot in Park Slope: http://67burger.com/


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