60 minutes in Prospect Park – My new coping mechanism is born today

Yes running is amazing and great but guess what: It’s not enough anymore.

It’s not enough to keep me sane through this “phase”.

So… Here is a new thing I’m incorporating into my life:

When I want to scream/cry/run away I drop to the floor and do 50 situps.  I know this sounds insane but really it’s not at all.  Think about it.  If you could apply all your angst/fear/overwhelmingness to your abs – you’d have a six pack.

According to my calculations, in about one week I should look like this:


So… what am I waiting for?

I mean… I’m producing an independent show for Dreamworks, Applying for jobs, and developing another show on the side – all the while raising two girls who are literally INSANE and TINY PEOPLE.

Raising a 4 year old and 8 month old is like being a personal assistant of an alcoholic, ADD, ADHD, OCD rockstar with serious anger management issues.  The only difference is that you can’t walk away.  You can’t quit this job.  OH and nobody pays you.

50 sit ups.  This is my new coping mechanism.

And if it doesn’t work I’m resorting to alcohol.


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