70 Min from NYU ER to Park Slope via Manhattan Bridge

Everyone knows that at some point in one’s first few years of life they should lose a finger.

Today we got lucky.

Today we ALMOST lost a finger in a metal door.


Zoey you were super brave and everyone at the ER fell in love with you (and called you a fashionista because of course u had one of your glorious ensembles on including pink faux fur and a tutu….)

After the X-ray I got you a pretzel… and of course we got in trouble for eating on the hospital bed (which makes no sense…)

IMG_7176 (1)

When we were finally done we ran home…

FDR —-> Manhattan Bridge —-> Tillary St —–> Flatbush —–> HOME

We sang a song the whole way.

We made it up.

I wanted to record it but my phone died… and when we got home we were singing it over and over again but then we forgot how it went and kept trying different melodies but it didn’t come back to us :(

The lyrics were: I wanna Hear you SING!  I wanna hear you SING!  I bet the whole wide world would love to hear you SING!!

IMG_7176 (1)

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