NUUN!! You changed my life…. 55 minutes in the park… feeling GREAT :)

Ok so this is almost silly because every runner knows that replenishing electrolytes after a run is smart.  I happen to be late to the party but I seriously can NOT believe what a difference it makes…. I bought NUUN tablets because I had to speak to an audience right after a run and didn’t have time to eat anything.  I found that it literally changed the way I feel after a run.  It made me feel energetic, My blood sugar didn’t drop.  I usually get really cold right after running but this totally regulated my body temperature.

Again.  Basic stuff.  But it makes such a difference!!
……And these happen to taste amazing.  I’m hooked.

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FINALLY!! Skipping breakfast makes SENSE to me!! 50 minutes on the treadmill – I ran like the wind!!! I’m over 6 months in – feeling pretty amazing

I always read health/fitness related articles because I love them.

The one thing I was never able to relate to is the “EAT BREAKFAST” rule.  I almost felt like I had this unhealthy little secret going on because I feel sluggish when I eat breakfast.  My run feels less… HOW DO U SAYYYY……. (in a french accent) “BOUNCY?””  Does that make sense?

I feel light on my toes and my mind feels clear and free when I don’t eat in the morning.  The same thing applies to my pregnant self.  I actually get a small black coffee witrh a shot of espresso in it and go for a run on an empty stomach (but I make sure I drink at least 20 OZ of water before getting out there and I take my vitamins).

Here’s an article that makes me feel like I’m not crazy:

SKIP BREAKFAST (Only if it feels right to you)

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50 minutes in the Park – Perfect Day Outside

I’ve been running outside because there’s too much on my mind to keep locked in a gym…
I’m glad it’s cool these days
Sometimes I worry that I won’t have anything left to say.  I worry that I’ll wake up one morning and I’ll have grown up in my sleep.  I will lose the perspective of myself when I was young and all the melodies that I can easily hear won’t be there anymore to be heard.
All the songs and stories that come out of nowhere in my head will just disappear…
I worry about this because its the one thing about myself that I think no one can take away from me.
There have been plenty of times when I’ve had nothing to say.  When I woke up and felt that there won’t be anything left to say ever.  I even stopped listening to music at one point, recently.
I think these times exist in every ones head. But, so far in my life, they seem to be followed by an intense moment I can only describe as a burning desire.  An idea that becomes greater than my head, a story or melody or feeling that leaves me no choice but to write something, sing something, draw something.  It’s usually a melody… Sometimes it’s a picture… Sometimes it’s something someone said or an intense feeling of disappointment or success or something that breaks trough a grey wall of “nothing”.
This morning I was thinking: Disappointment crushes me… but then it wakes me up and makes me want to make something new.
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Ulrich Schnauss – Soundtrack to my favorite runs

Someone recently reminded me of Ulrich Schnauss.  The soundtrack to so many of my runs through the last 15 years.

Revisiting music is like shopping in my old closet at my parent’s house.  The best old stuff becomes new again.

I’m taking the day off today but I’m going to run to this tomorrow:


I played Ulrich’s music a lot for you, Zoey, when you were born – we walked around the city to it and I had my headphones around my neck so u can hear it too.

I remember U cried a bunch at the beginning so i just took U out in the city… You were glued to me and we just walked, and listened to music, and the sound of construction and cars, and my constant voice on conference calls.. We did a lot of walking and thinking those first 2 months…  I took you to the studio a bunch… You slept through everything when we were out.  The moment we walked in you woke up and started crying.

You’re a lot like me.  Still.


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AMAZING AMAZING 45 min – chasing the shade in Prospect Park – 80 degrees

Today was Amazing.

Some days I walk out the door and feel off through the entire run, sometimes I feel just average, lately I’ve been so tight and stressed about work and to be totally honest …I felt pretty crappy through my runs.  It’s pretty simple: when something is nagging my brain it nags my muscles and joints and sense of peace and gravity feels like its pulling me down into the ground with every step (which…i guess…. is actually the definition of gravity but somehow it feels harder to counteract)
I got a call last night that made me feel like things may be looking up and it  gave me just enough hope to set my mind free into an optimistic day dream of “what if…”
I ran 45 minutes in the Park and I stretched for about ten minutes when i got home.  I feel good.  It’s about 80 degrees out so it’s REALLY nice to sit in AC and type after a run…
On Monday I’m hitting the half way mark. WHOA!!!!
YES!!! :)
I keep eating peaches and nectarines.  I’m so particular about them – they have to be white and HARD AS A ROCK!  I’m craving “wet food” – tons of fruit and salad but I also keep going for these amazing 7 grain Kashi Waffles
and Puffins original cereal in Rice Milk.
I’m so weird because I water down my rice milk with ice cold water.  It has to be ICE cold and the ratio of Rice milk to water is about .25/.75
Is that the weirdest thing ever?  Yes it is. But it’s fucking great.
My body is craving hydration at all times.
I found an amazing new soda water flavor – GRANNY SMITH APPLE
I don’t even know why I like it – it’s such a weird flavor…. but I love it.
OH!! and I’ve been squeezing lemons on my salad.  WHY? Because they smell amazing.
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Sad Run… Sad Day… 50 Min in Prospect Park… No runners high today

When I started running seriously (about 15 years ago) I always had to run with music.  I wore sneakers all day long, I stretched in the middle Of my meetings, and sessions, I read runners magazine religiously, I spent time making a running playlist and never left the house without my “Sony sports cd player” that supposedly didn’t skip… Yea right.

Each run meant something during those first few years.  Running on vacation gave me a head start because I’d always come back with a name of a bar/restaurant/ coffee shop that we should go to later.  I felt like I understood the runner community personality and it always gave me Insight on the culture.  (runners in Spain are my favorite – they say hi and cheer u on – best running culture ever…)

I’m not 100% sure why all these thoughts are popping up in my head.  I think it’s because running used to be this magic drug that saved me from everything and now it’s more of a predictable routine.

Don’t get me wrong – it still helps me put things in perspective every single day.  It still makes me feel better and healthier and happier.  But when something happens that truly makes me sad – it doesn’t erase it anymore.

I do know why these thoughts brewing in my head…  Because I’m basically in a holding pattern, waiting for my heart to be broken…

ok ok ok I know that sounds extremely melodramatic and if I tell u it’s work related it makes it seem Even more ridiculous but here’s the thing: my work is my heart and soul and it’s rare to make a connection with someone on a level that makes u blind to all other options.  This person is about to tell me that we can’t work together and I know that hearing that is going to suck so bad…

I can put things in perspective.  Everyone is replaceable and theres always someone new around the corner who is inspiring and amazing but… I just don’t care right now.  I hardly ever have my heart set on a person and this time I did.

I really wish that i could say my awesome run in the park erased the way I feel.  But It didn’t…

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