Jello legs! I ran one hour and 3 minutes today

Today’s run was awesome.  I don’t know why but it felt exceptionally great.  I think i slept really well last night… not sure exactly why but my legs felt like they could keep going faster and faster with each mile.

I’ve been sprinting a lot lately… i like it

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Sweet Lollipop disposable dreams. Ran one hour and 6 minutes today

Today’s run was like a sweet sugary Popsicle I bit into without caring how bad it might be for my teeth.

Crunched that motherfucking sugar like it was my last breakfast on earth!!

I sprinted the entire time – couldn’t run fast enough – and listened to a cheesy bubble gum tune that totally made me picture a hot night on the dance floor where I was the star of the show dancing on the bar!  Yup.  I ran a 60 minute music video in my head.  Flashing left to right.  It was pretty perfect and the image kept me going at full speed for over an hour.  Every mannequin in the meat packing district came to life and followed me onto the tables at the Red Rock bar.  It was hot.

This lollipop run was my sweet Popsicle moment-long dream… Sometimes that’s what my run is all about.  Cheap thrills that are as disposable as a coffee mixing straw… An immediate gratifications fantasy that lasts about 60 minutes before I’m bored of it and move on to the next thing part of the day…

The shit I can dream up in my head on that highway can make a movie that I would love to watch in about 20 years.  I wish i could film my brain…

Sweet sweet sugary bubble gum… Flavor Last two seconds…leaves u thirsty… Causes cavities… I will always love it and need it anyway…

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BEST RUN IN MONTHS!! I ran for an hour and 23 min.


Ran forever.

Ran in shorts.

Sun was shining.

had 5 shots of espresso prior.

folded laundry.

Drew shh. yell cartoon.

Finished a story in my head during run.

The city is beautiful.

Feel so damn good……

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I AM A PRIMAL BEAST… I ran 50 Minutes this AM

Rest assured – I’ve been running every day…

Unfortunately i have not had time to actually talk about my thoughts.

It amazes me that running finds itself into my schedule regardless of what goes on in my body, head, perception of the weather, and bank account.  Every other thing in my sweet life always seems to get adjusted based on circumstances relating to those 4 pillar-like components of the foundation of Planet Meirav.

Maybe it’s because nothing is as rewarding as instantaneously…

Almost nothing…

I just wanted to say one thing today – mostly because I want to make sure I remember it myself forEVER and here it goes:

I consider myself to be a badass at recognizing my primal instincts and it’s proved to be more and more important in life as i get older.  It’s also proven to be the source of all my problems and why i think every one else is an idiot.

I’m a primal beast.  I know EXACTLY what my body feels at every given moment in time and it’s totally taxing on the senses… It’s good and bad for many reasons…  Everyone feels like an open book to me… boring this… boring that… boring AGAIN?… boring this happened before (if not to me then somewhere and I can predict why and how it all ends)… BLAH

I can attribute this to my relationship with alcohol – alcohol clouds my instinct just enough for sweet relief to set in and run through my veins like methadone.  Less thinking.. less caring… less annoyance at the idiots i am forced to share this earth with…

Sweet baby Jesus… Now I sound dysfunctional…


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The Bug in the Rug in my head when i run. I ran 1 hour and 3 minutes today.

Being back in NYC makes me want to drink more coffee and paint my nails dark DARK red.  I’d like to be a vampire looking New Yorker today.  I think I can pull it off.

NYC also makes me love my boot collection that seems to be growing along with my scarf collection.

I love coming back from a run and putting on big boots and a big scarf.

Chunky scarves…

chunky boots…

Dark nails…

Dark coffee…

I love those things.

I’ve been playing with metaphors in my head these days.  I seem to be entering mega-manic-creative-mode because… well… bitching about the cold gets old…

I feel a few new kid tales coming on like a wave.  A tidal wave!

I’ve been trying to come up with a good ending for my “Bug In The Rug” story and I think I figured it out today.  This is a story I’ve been pondering for a while based on an old persian tale that (as far as I know) doesn’t actually have an ending…

It came to me today when I hit Chelsea Piers.  It hit me like a pen jab in my eye.

Just kidding.

I realized that the Bug needs to just… Wait.  Sorry.  I can’t reveal the ending of my masterpiece.  I’ll have to just refer you (millions of) readers to my new website when the story is done so u can find out for yourselves…

The curiosity must be killing you I’m sure…

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Secret NYC Sun chasing society in progress. I ran 1 hour and ten minutes this AM…

I figured out a few things today:

#1 – 2010 is the year of ME.  It has my name all over it.

#2 – If my hands are warm my body is warm.

#3 – The sun increases my serotonin levels a lot more than most other humans.

Concluded actions:

Today I tucked my hands into my sleeves and I chased the sun.  I didn’t care if my route was all twisted and I didn’t care if I went too long.  I cared about one thing: Not running in the shaded freezing streets.

Guess what – it worked.  I had a pretty sunny run on a pretty not-so-sunny day.

I also had a brilliant idea.  My first moment of brilliance of 2010:

What if all runners could join a network of sun chasers? What if you marked yourself with this specific red and green striped headband that I created for NYC runners? and basically all we did for each other was give each other tips on where the sun is on really cold days.

So if I’m running back from the East River and it was especially sunny on 23rd street and I see someone wearing that red and green headband (that says “i run this place”) running East… I could just be like “23rd street!!” and they will automatically know that I mean “the sun is on 23rd street right now ”

It’s like a secret society… ish…

OK… HELP! How do I start a secret society?

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Underarmor in 2010 – I ran 1 hour and 7 minutes today

OK so what have we learned this past holiday season?

Running in the sun makes my brain blissfully numb and happy and there is no need to rant about it in a blog.

I’ve been running in California and the sun was beautiful and yes of course there were rainy days but now I’m back to the freezing unbearable NYC weather that leaves my fingers numb – and not in a blissful way…

What’s the deal?

On one hand I love being the tough NYC runner – on the other hand I love being the relaxed, smooth, run in the sun CA runner…  What’s better? Is it possible that if I ran in CA for long enough I would just become a wimpy, weak, annoyingly content and happy runner?   What if my brain just became annoyingly happy and weak too? What if I stay in NY and keep running forever in unbearable conditions and always feel tough and ready to face anything but rob myself of the pleasure of just relaxing and enjoying being comfortable? such a dilemma…

I dropped $300 at Paragon in Underarmor gear and definitely felt a difference.  I never thought to do this before…

Yesterday I came home and enjoyed a long shower and hung out indoors and loved the cold run – today I fucking HATED IT – I came home and rushed off to work and realized how much rushing the thawing of my fingers sucks… it SUCKS…

Anyway – there’s one thing I have to say that makes me happy.  The snow looked really pretty yesterday and the gear I got actually did take the pain down about 4 notches so I did get to enjoy the view.  I do love NY and i do love the sun… I’m stuck in my head on what’s better…

Happy fucking 2010…

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RUNNING IN THE SUN YEAAAAAAA!!!!!!!! I ran a lot and fast today :)

I ran in the sun

I love California

It’s easy to stretch when I’m not cold

I could have run forever

I love running in shorts and a t-shirt

I love the sun

I love running in the sun

I’m drinking Tequilla

I love Tequilla

I love Palm trees

I love California

I love stretching in the sun

I love you Amit!!!

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Last NYC run 2009. I ran over one hour today…

Today was awesome.

I tried to figure out why I was flying through the streets and I realized I had a cup of coffee at MUD this AM , which was spiked with an extra shot of espresso and possibly crack/cocaine.

MUD is one of the best breakfast spots ever but since I’m not big on breakfast I hardly ever get to enjoy it. I love the fact that its so loud and the coffee is so strong – it basically forces me to wake up and forces my brain into high gear operation mode before I even know what hit me.

After that crack/cocaine coffee I ran like the wind.  I sprinted the entire way and I forgot my ipod because i was so excited to get out there so I have no idea how long I ran…

Some awesome chick yelled “Great stride!” And I smiled at her thinking wow… NYC on x-mas eve is a little bit like what it would be if a big giant European spaceship landed in Times Square and out came a few thousand Europeans in their Benetton shirts, scarves, and red wine and they took over the island of Manhattan for a day.

Don’t get me wrong, the same vibrating pulse is still alive through our streets on he 24th.  You know the pulse I’m referring to.  It’s that same addictive pulse of energy that justifies our decision to pay twice as much per square inch of living space than almost anywhere else in the world.

Side note: We also all signed up for total chaos, and for paying twice as much per square inch of personal space on the sidewalk, twice as much per square inch of sandwich bite, twice as much per square inch of potential silence in our heads, twice as much per square inch of travel from one place to the next, and twice as much per square inch of alcohol in a low ball, martini glass, or wineglass..

December 24th is a day that makes new yorkers feel they have permission to briefly enter a slow(er) pace mindset.  This holiday is also an excuse to be over friendly, cheerful, and happy.  We are gifted a limited one day pass to enjoying the moment and taking our time.  This non-rushed behavior on Dec 24th is unique to this day and totally acceptable.  If you choose to subscribe to this mindset you will, most likely, not get hurt.  However, this is absolutely not a guarantee and absolutely a beautiful thing.

The sun was shining today and it wasn’t that cold but still not many people on the highway.  The few runners I saw were the same guys that are out there every day no matter what.  Rain or shine.

That’s it.  Heading to CA. I’m sure I’ll have a lot to say about running in the sun.

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Silence on Bank Street. I ran one hour and 14 minutes today…

I heard silence in NY today.  It happened towards the end of my run.  I turned on bank st after playing a little ring and run on Dan A’s buzzer and I noticed the sun hitting the red bricks of a townhouse which, of course, turned one darker shade of red as a result.

There was this woman walking in front of me and I noticed the sound her jeans made every time she took a step – THAT’S how quiet it was.

Its the last day to shop before X-mas and people are running around all over the place getting stuff done.

NYC (especially midtown) before X-mas is one of my favorite places on earth… Snow on the ground… Not TOO cold (30 F to be exact)… This is bliss.

I stopped working last night.  I’m in shut-down mode and I love running on the first day of shut-down mode because I know I get to take a looooong shower and drink LOTS of wine and hang with Amit for days upon days and not rush anywhere.  Nothing is more important than what i want at this very moment and i get to enjoy that for more than a week.


Side  note: I love sinking into a soft huge couch after a loooong shower after a looong run.

I went extra long today because I had the time and because I love how the sun looks when it hits the snow on the ground.  And because I was curious to see what the construction brought on further up on the WSH.

I think I need a new candle that smells like figs and mint and a new book.

Side note: I love diving into a book that becomes my “real life” while I’m reading it.  The story becomes my life and everything that happens in between reading those pages is just a side note.  That hasn’t happened in a while…  I need a good book like that.

I think I’m going to drink my weight in tea and coffee today.  I also got perfect apples from the farmers market in Union Square and a bottle of Ravenswood for $11 and I can’t wait to plug my ipod into our speakers and hit shuffle.  This is my perfect “after run”…  I could do this forever.

Its loud, windy, and cold downstairs.  I love u again NY…

I can’t wait to go to LA tomorrow.

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