Cross training… Can’t avoid doing some of it at this point….

I ran this morning on the treadmill after about a week of elliptical training.  My calf was feeling tight And I didn’t want to risk injuring it so I immediately switched over to that machine that kicks my ASS.

The upside is that I get an even more intense workout when I use the elliptical.  The downside is that it’s nothing like running… Running gets me in a zone… It feels easy and effortless (even on days when I’m really tired).

But heres what I just realized:  the times that I’m forced to cross train not only make me appreciate running but also make realize that there ARE other ways to sweat and get your heart rate going.

Still… Nothing beats putting on my sneakers and running in the park…

I’m definitely dealing with an intense internal dialogue on a daily basis… Pregnancy is hard physically but it’s the mental stuff that really gets to me.  That’s the part I don’t have as much of a hold on.

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