The Mid-day run: sometimes it works. I ran 45 Minutes on a treadmill back in NY.

The mid-day run is always tricky.

I have to time it right.

I have to make sure it doesn’t interrupt anything.

I have to spend the morning feeling groggy….

But when I get it right – it’s perfect.  Like… Now I have a late meeting and I’ll be totally awake for it as opposed to being dead tired and ready to pass out.

I could NOT wake up this AM.  I passed out around 11 PM last night after unpacking and cleaning up and I seriously felt like I sunk through the bed into the floor.  I felt so heavy and so tired… I wondered if I could sleep for a week.

Today’s run felt like I was sleep-running.  It didn’t feel good or bad just neutral.  I got a little cramp on my right side and of course panicked but then I stretched it out and felt OK.

I got a little happy kick when I was eating my salad for lunch.  I love when she responds to my putting something in my mouth…

Side note: The Relaxin hormone (which is continuously secreting a heroin-like effects on my entire body) is my favorite hormone ever.  It’s the best.  It takes care of my need to have a glass of wine at the end of the day and I love it.  I wish I could KEEP that hormone going for EVER.

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