The thing about changing gears… (I ran 6 miles today in Roosevelt Island)

Today I was running like a stiff wooden board.  My muscles felt like they were tied up in knots….I can’t tell u why.  Maybe I haven’t really had a second to myself to focus on feeling calm.  Even my runs feel a tad stressful these days…

I was thinking…

Why is it so hard to make time for the things we love?  Why do we feel better about ourselves when we work hard rather than when we’re lazy and are just having fun? Why do people collect vacation days and take pride in not having used them all?

I have to force myself to relax.

I’ve never added “DO NOTHING” to my To Do list.  Even though it’s so important to “DO NOTHING” from time to time.

I’m thinking it has a lot to do with switching gears…. When you’re stressed it’s easier to just stay stressed and wired and on edge.  When you’re happy it’s easier to see the bright side of things… to feel unstoppable and powerful and unbreakable.

It’s hard to get sad when you’re happy and it’s hard to get happy when you’re sad.

Switching gears is such a bitch…

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