Upper west, Bun in the oven. CH-CH-CH-CH-CHANGES

It’s been a lifetime since I wrote about my runs.  I’ve gone through a TON in the last 2 months and ran every day (minus the one day off every week)…

A week and a half ago I found out I’m pregnant.

Amit and I found an apt on the UWS in less than 2 days and packed our bags and moved everything up here throughout last week.

Add the fact that there’s been a Crazy snow storm, I’m renegotiating my contract at work, considering other options, and determined to run through all of it until the night before it’s time to pop this sucker out.

I’m excited :)

The non-drinking thing is a drag… I’m not going to lie.  It SUCKS but it’s also kind of refreshing.  I have tons of moments of clarity… kind of like alcoholics do when they go dry… hmmm…. something to think about? whatevs.

I’m excited :)

I said that already… But i felt it again so I felt like saying it again.

I can’t believe what’s going on in my tummy.  It’s grown already and i’ve felt all these crazy changes.  I’ve gone through really intense crazy moments of panic, rage, fear… and then excitement, euphoria, utter love and affection for the love of my life who’s my best friend and my favorite person and the best pillow that i ever had and… we’re making a person together.  He’s planted a seed in my belly which… basically… is going to rip my vagina open.

And I love him for it.  And that’s crazy love.

I ran in central park two days ago in a snowstorm.  I was one of the only people out there and it was really fucking awesome.  The snowflakes were bigger than my face… got splashed by a car… came home sort of freezing (yes my new doormen think I’m a nutcase already but they get a kick out of it.. felt elated.

I read up about running through pregnancy and I found out the following awesome facts:

– The endorphin rush that you feel when you run crosses the placental
barrier and gives your baby its own “runner’s high. The feel good
tranquilizing effect of endorphins can last up to 8 hours after

–  The motion of exercise is comforting to the baby and the rocking
motion gives stimulation to the baby’s vestibular system (its the
sensory system that makes sure we know how to balance ourselves and
understand orientation of space or something like that)

– The contraction and expansion of your abdominal muscles gives the
baby a soothing massage. (YAY!! There’s a spa in my belly)

– The baby benefits from the increased blood flow of exercise. Extra
oxygen is indeed delivered to all your baby’s tissues, optimizing your
little mite’s growth and development.


Running through my first pregnancy will be everything but boring.  Sometimes I feel amazing sometimes I feel terrified, sometimes I’m sad… sometimes I’m ecstatic.  Is it chemical? Hormonal? A normal reaction to an abnormal situation? Borderline insanity? I have no idea… I’m just going to keep running and talking about it for as long as I can…

I’m excited…

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