Week 38 – I ran 49 minutes in the Park

I am so spent after these runs these days that I can hardly write!

I’m officially 11 days away and going for a run means I’m cutting my energy in half (at least) that day.

Its crazy.  She’s heavy. I’m feeling so proud and great after the last few runs I had and there’s really no one to share it with.

I mean – I can tell my husband and my friends but there’s this part of me that wishes I did this with someone… Someone going through the same thing… So we can look at each other and be like… Holy fuck! We are fucking motherfuckers!!!! How have we lasted this long???

Its hard to high 5 a blog…

But still – this has been such a crazy ride… These days have been beautiful so I’ve been running in the park… Its harder but I feel great after… Fresh air, sun, and people’s faces make up 50% of what I love about running.  I get encouraging comments every time I go out there.  Feeling the weather and looking at the sky and smelling grass is completely intoxicating these days… Do I sound like a crazy person? I am.

Ever since the indoor/outdoor switch I’ve been running every other day which is good because I’m exhausted most of the time and have been running around the city doing errands and getting last min stuff…

I know everything is about to change.  I know life will never be the same… I know that this is something I can’t go back on and I may feel exhausted and miserable for a bit but I don’t care.  I know I’ll get through it.

Every time I run my heart is pumping harder and getting stronger.

…And in my head I keep thinking… I can’t wait to meet you… I can’t wait to meet you…

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