60 minutes in the park. Stuck words….

Today my run felt like it was 5 min long.  I was deep In thought and I ran faster than I have in a while…

Zoey is turning 4 in October.

Sometimes Zoey wants to say something but it won’t come out.  Her words get “stuck”.  So she starts to cry and sometimes stomps her feet and sometimes hits whomever is trying to talk her out of it… She gets into this trance that I used to define as “Fucking INSANE!!”

For a long while I had no idea how to pull her out of it..

Every time it happened I would get so frustrated.  I would put her in a time out.  Sometimes I would put myself in a time out…

I Googled “tantrums in 3 year olds” and read about how this was “normal” and “happens all the time” and found all this advice on how to “prevent tantrums” and “end tantrums”

Still.. I was never able to understand where they came from.  I wasn’t convinced that all 3 year olds “just do this”

z stuck

Kids are just like us right?… Little people who get frustrated at the things that bother them. Different people get bothered by different things… RIGHT?



Anyway… I couldn’t figure out what was bothering Zoey.

Now I know: Her words get “Stuck”.  Sometimes when she wants to say something or ask for something she just can’t.

When I was running today I was thinking about being misunderstood… about how it feels… how it leaves u lost…

I’m often misunderstood.

My words are never stuck.

…But sometimes I really wish they were.





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