Welcome to my endless roller coaster of thoughts fueled by my feet.  I’ve been running every morning, all over NYC since September 2000.  I DON’T do races, belong to a club, or run with another person.  I’m not that fast, I don’t always time myself, and I have no idea what my resting heart rate is… I DO run outside every day whether its freezing or sweltering, I run through brutal hangovers, lack of sleep, and anything else life brings on.

I ran through both my pregnancies.  5 days a week/ about 45 min per day and I’m proud to say I ran 4 miles the day Zoey was born on Oct. 20th 2010 and 3.5 miles the day Riley was born on Nov. 28th, 2013!

I guess that either makes you think I’m awesome or… you fucking hate me.

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