GREEN VEGETABLES are like a drug. I ran one hour and 5 min today

I have this strange pain in what I think might be my left hip bone… What’s that all about? Not sure but I took Advil and changed up my stride so that I don’t aggravate it.

Here’s what I realized (and knew forever but just didn’t act on seriously) when my diet is based on water and salad I can run ANY distance and feel great.  I don’t wake up with a stomach ache, my muscles feel relaxed and ready for anything, I feel light, my body feels good and my mind is clear.

Fresh vegetables are my drug of choice and I need to make sure they are a serious staple in my diet forever.  What a simple life-changing concept.  Easy to follow so I have no excuse.

That’s it for today.

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One thought on “GREEN VEGETABLES are like a drug. I ran one hour and 5 min today

  1. This AM I ran out of breath after 40 minutes, so I suddenly look around and realize I’ve been running in the worst smog ever. YUCK!

    * Later I checked the net for the air pollution level, it’s one of the worst this year. Note to self, before you go out running, smell the air…

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